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Use these tips to your advantage! Get new ideas and the best advice for several garage door issues

  • A new door opener should come with all modern safety features

    Having a new garage door installation and you want it to be automatic? Our specialists want to remind you to make sure that the garage door opener you get comes with all the safety features of modern door openers. It should have the safety reverse function and a photoelectric eye that detects movement along the door to avoid accidents.

  • Keep tracks at the right distance from the door

    Garage door tracks must have a specified position so that the overhead door can move without binding, falling or jamming. If you're adjusting tracks, remember that they must be ½'' away from the door. You can always rely on the assistance of our experts.

  • Garage door balance test

    Turn the power off first if what you have is an automated door. To start testing, pull the door downward and leave it hanging in the middle. If it stays still, the door is still functioning well but if not, you may need to get the springs replaced.

  • Avoiding garage door injuries

    Do not forget to always lock all entry points going to the garage and lock all cabinets, especially those that can be reached by children. Keep the chemicals and dangerous tools in an area that is safe and will not attract a child’s attention. Always check the sensor if it works properly.

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