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Learn to Recognize Your Garage Door's Most Dangerous Areas

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Learn to Recognize Your Garage Door’s Most Dangerous Areas

Recognize Garage Door's Most Dangerous Areas | Garage Door Repair Layton, UT

Who's afraid of their overhead door? Well, there is no reason to. Garage doors become dangerous only when we allow them to become so. Although we all tremble at the thought of the door falling on us, the truth is that doors don't just collapse out of the blue. They move and remain safe thanks to the good cooperation of all their various components and so the condition of each and every part will determine the stability of your door.

How Can I Avoid Most Accidents?

The answer is simple. If you make sure all parts are checked and maintained from time to time, the risk of your door suddenly collapsing will be greatly minimized. Learn the Dangerous Garage Door AreasAlthough every part of your garage door system must be in an excellent condition, overhead door safety is ensured by two basic components.

The Opener Unit

This is your door's "engine". It powers the system's operation with its motor, and makes sure your door doesn't close on any person or object in its path using special safety sensors. Due to it being an electro-mechanical device, there are plenty of issues it could suffer from, such as misaligned sensors, that will fail to properly detect an obstacle.

Your System's Springs

These components are in charge of supporting the door's weight during its operation. That means they are under incredible amounts of tension on a daily basis, and therefore can be very susceptible to wear and tear damage if they aren't taken care of properly. When they break, they can whip around your garage, or cause the door panels to collapse, which, obviously, can be incredibly dangerous.

Method of Prevention

If these two main parts of your system are properly maintained, the risks and dangers involved in their operation will be greatly reduced. By getting our professional technicians to routinely inspect them thoroughly, we'll be able to detect potential problems well before they fully develop, and by repairing or replacing the damaged component, we'll be able to prevent a lot of accidents from occurring.

But That's Not All

Your garage door system is comprised of many different moving parts, and a lot of them can pose potential risks of differing degrees. It's critical that you remember that all metal parts might have rough edges and can lead to an injury if you place your hands on them. Sectional garage doors have several panels connected with hinges. The little gaps between the panels is an ideal place for people get their fingers pinched. Also, don't be fooled by the innocent-looking bottom brackets. Since they are connected to the cable/spring system, they might become very dangerous too. Protect yourself by keeping away from the door and making sure it is well maintained.

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