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Modern garages today count on garage door openers for automation. These motorized devices open and close doors. Most are controlled by wall switches, while others by handheld controls. The first electric opener was made in 1926 by C.G. Johnson of Indiana. The actual lifting of the door is not performed by the opener, but by the springs attached to it. The garage door springs are under extreme tension to be able to lift the door through cables and the opener is the one that provides force to control the door’s reach as it opens or closes, or keeping it in place.

Offering reliable repair services

Garage Door OpenersOur diligent technicians at Garage Door Repair Layton do not just render garage door repair;they also fix door openers regardless of their type and brand. The accomplished team is composed of highly trained technicians, and our combined experience make us equipped to work on a wide range of door openers and remotes. We are committed to providing innovative services to satisfy all our customers, both residential and commercial. Furthermore, we strive to deliver same day service and respond swiftly, using the latest state of the art tools and equipment in the industry.

If your door suddenly stops operating, does not close or open completely, or if it reverses prematurely, the problem may arise from the opener. Our meticulous technician will thoroughly check what the problem is and make the necessary adjustments. If the door is not working, we start with the basics, like checking the fuse or circuit breaker. If it does not close all the way or it reverses immediately once it reaches the floor, we inspect the close limit switches. With Garage Door Repair Layton, you gain confidence that the work on your Liftmaster, Sears or Chamberlain is safe and precise.

Electric openers should provide convenience and not the opposite. Doors are used on a daily basis, so expect the possibility of having the opener break at some point in the future. Several things could be to blame, but the good news is, you have a dependable service provider to count on. It’s best to consult professionals rather than do the repairs yourself. Call us today and we would gladly help you.

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