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  • How do I know which type of garage door to get?

    Automated garage doors come in many different materials. These include charming wooden doors, dramatic steel doors and gorgeous glass doors. To a certain extent, you should choose a door according to your taste. However, you also need to decide if it will match the rest of the house, and how much time you are willing to spend maintaining it as some doors require more maintenance than others.

  • Why steel rusts and what should I do?

    Steel materials rust when they're exposed for a long time to oxygen and moisturized environments. This combination is catastrophic for steel. It's best to invest in galvanized steel. The material is zinc coated and, thus, protected. Our specialists point out that zinc coated materials still need good treatment so that they won't get damaged.

  • How green can a garage door be?

    First of all, you can get insulated garage doors and this way you will be ecofriendly for the years to come since you'll save energy. Some manufacturers produce some parts from recycled materials. Some garage doors are made of composite materials and faux lumber. There are green choices out there.

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